Yoann Couble

Telecom & Network Research Engineer.

Short Bio

My name is Yoann Couble, I am 28, French and have recently finished my PhD in Computer Science and Communications at IRIT, Toulouse, under a Thales Alenia Space/CNES grant.

After graduating from ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, I spent two years working at Alstom Transport as Ground Network Designer for urban solutions. I was specialized in core networks for vital and multimedia related traffic with hands on experience in Network Design, MPLS, Carrier Ethernet, and QoS management. I also worked on highly redundant firewall solutions.

I am now working on a PhD on satellite communications for broadband access through DVB-RCS2. The main focus of my PhD thesis is user scheduling under highly variable interferences. My work used optimization techniques to emphasize the potential gains, and to study the impact of coordination. We also worked on several frequency reuse schemes specific for the satellite use case, one of which has been patented.

I like to understand what I do and why, pushing me to always invest myself in what I work on.
Outside the professional world, I like to do various things among which traveling, rockclimbing, cycling, hiking and I used to be a rather good archer!

You can also download my formatted CV here.

Some of my work.

If you want to get a glance at what I worked on during my engineering degree, you are welcomed to take a look at the following available works: