A few notes on Networking, Telecommunications, Satellite, Space and anything, really.
Multi-spot beam satellites
Increasing bandwidth, without increasing bandwidth
MF-TDMA Applied to DVB-RCS2
Slicing time and spectrum
Crowdfunding Space Exploration
Do you want to take part in Space exploration?
Throwing boxes in space for fun
Dynamic Firewalling
Securing Multimedia Dynamic Protocols
April Fool's Day
Even a RFC can be fun sometimes...
IP Multicasting
Broadcasting content over IP Networks
MPLS - Label Switching
Label, encapsulation, LSR/LER etc.
DTN & Bundle Protocol
Main principles of DTN and its implementations
Introduction to Delay Tolerant Networking
Efficient data transmission across thousands of kilometres
Router Redundancy Protocols & device boots
Maintaining traffic continuity whatever happens
MPLS Basics
First of a MPLS wiki series
The Oberth effect
Or why speed matters